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Marina Cienfuegos -  Cuba - Platten Sailing

Our charter base in Cienfuegos Cuba

All services of a modern marina, but also a normal, very vivid Cuban city, an environment of many cultural and natural attractions without the seclusion of a "tourist ghetto": Cienfuegos, La Perla del Sur, the pearl of the south, makes all these requirements meet in an ideal way.    

Its geographic situation in the center of a ten-mile-deep bay, with an entrance only some hundred yards wide, early made Cinefuegos an important harbour. Today the port, with sugar for export as its most important product, ranks second only to Havana.  Nevertheless, the city could maintain the beauty of its setting as well as its rich architectural heritage from the 19th century. The Teatro Tomás Terry, where Caruso once performed, and the Palacio de Valle, a moorish-styled villa of an early 20th-century sugar tycoon which is nowadays featuring a restaurant, are among Cuba's most famous historical buildings.

Come on our tour through history, architecture and surroundings of Cienfuegos and have a look at the photo gallery!